Terry Carlbom

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae per 2023

Name: Philip Edward Terence (Terry) CARLBOM

Born: Dec 22, 1936. Place of birth: Fulstow, Lincs, England. Parents Swedish.

School: Sigtunastiftelsens Humanistiska Läroverk, Sigtuna, Sweden, 1947-1956.

Family: married to Marianne, née Ohlsén, 1967; two children, Cia and Christopher.

Home address: Svartbäcksgatan 41, 753 16 Uppsala, Sweden.

Academic field: Political Science.

University degree: Fil.dr 1970, Uppsala University.

Academic or professional positions.

Inscribed as member of Stockholms Nation student college 1957. Became elected president of this college 1961. (Also pall-bearer at the funeral of Dag Hammarskjöld September 1961). Elected Honorary Member of the College 1974. Proinspektor of the College 1993- 2018.

University lecturer in Political Science, University of Uppsala, from 1970. – University lecturer at the University College of Journalism, Stockholm (half-time 1974-78). Director of Studies for the Social Sciences, University of Uppsala 1970-79. Senior lecturer in Political Theory and History of Political Ideas 1978/79, 1983-98. Department of Government of Uppsala University, 1992-98.

Cultural Attaché, Swedish Embassy in London, 1979-1983.

Social and Civic.

  • Elected Lord Mayor of Uppsala Municipality1985-1988, 1991-1994 (kommunfullmäktiges ordförande). Councillor of Uppsala 1985-1991 (ledamot av kommunstyrelsen). Liberal.
  • Elected Mayor of Knivsta Municipality 2002-2010.

International PEN

I was an early 60’s member of Amnesty in Uppsala, and correspondingly active in peace and democracy issues of the times.  Writer friends invited me to join Swedish PEN in early 90’s. I became the international secretary of Swedish PEN in 1994, and thus involved also with International PEN in London. Elected International Secretary of International PEN (Managing director) at the 1998 Congress in Finland, I completed two terms of office, leaving 2004 but carrying on a while with core issues. 

My years with International PEN were filled with travels around the globe. To International Congresses in Guadalajara,, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Warsaw, Moscow, London, Macedonia – also visiting the Poetry Festivals of Ohrid; – the Committee Centres of Bled in Slovenia, and Translators and Linguistic Rights Centre in Macedonia and Barcelona, and to the Turkish and Kurdish Centres, aiming at dialogue and cooperation. Special attention was payed to Africa, both to French and English-speaking Centres, with travels that touched on at least a dozen countries, also taking me around the world to Japanese PEN, and then Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Auckland, San Fransisco and San José in California, also in New York and American PEN. At the Congress in 2022, coinciding with the Swedish PEN Centenary celebrations, I was elected to the honorary position of Vice-President of International PEN.

/Dec 2023